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STRETCHING...when to not

October 13, 2017

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Eating my bagel

July 7, 2017


Several weeks ago my husband and I were hanging out around the fire pit in our back yard and he took a few pictures of me.  I was going through the photos and came across this one.......  It really bothered me.  .....{that bagel right in my middle}


This photo reinforced visually what I have noticed about myself over the last few years:

~ I have become more sedentary.

~I don't feel as strong physically as I used to

~My energy levels aren't what they used to

~I became obsessed with my scale and it was creating a LOT of stress

~I noticed that I would easily slip into bouts of mild depression

~I looked and felt "squishy"

~Mentally, I was easily distracted, unfocused, and my memory sucked.


Last week I turned 46.  I do not accept that just because I am getting older means that I am doomed to become "squishy".  


Confession:  I am not intrinsically motivated to exercise.  


BUT something HAD to change!


There was NO way I was going to pay for a gym membership because I would probably go there once and just sit in the sauna and call that a workout.


I wasn't going to pay for a personal trainer either.


I HAD to kick my own ass and make this work for me........  AND I HAVE!!!


I have been consistently working out at home with zero equipment.  I make it work with my schedule and time.  And I love it.


I wanted to share with you all the resources that I have found and that are working for me.  Best of all...... they are FREE!


This is where I started......  DARBEE - Fitness Made Easy

I added variety with THESE VIDEOS from Millionaire Hoy because some of the workouts are just 20-30 minutes and that is all the time I have. 


I have been at this for a month now and have experienced noticeable changes...


~Clearer thinking and increased energy

~Better sleep


~Motivation to eat better without RULES

~Threw my scale I can't even say that I have lost weight.... I really don't expect to as muscle weighs more than fat.  My focus is on changing my body composition

~I feel stronger than I have in a long time and my balance is better




If you are interested, I will continue to share my experience with this as well as FREE resources for you to stay healthy and strong.


Be Well!!










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