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The natural flow of life is abundant.

Abundant in physical health & wellness

Abundant in spiritual health & wellness

Abundant in financial health & wellness


sometimes we get stuck, or have a block, or have a conditioned way of thinking that prevents us from this natural flow of abundance.

I would like to invite you into my world of Quantum Alignment and Human Design and show you how you can get yourself unstuck and  unblocked

Breakthrough MBA is a 6 week intensive, small group coaching program that will:

1. Massively up-level you life

2. Give you the skills to create clarity of your vision and manifest it

3. Teach you how to effectively breakthrough the blocks that are keeping you from your Divine Potential 

4. Align you with your Divine Blueprint{aka your human design chart} for Authentic Living

5. Make you RESILIENT by teaching you the 9 Resiliency Keys and how to use them.


Monday November 16

Monday November 23

Monday November 30

Monday December 7

Monday December 14

Monday December 21




$795 x 1 payment

$399 x 2 payments

$199 x 4 payments



all calls will be recorded so you can watch the replay if you miss anything.


"I have used Kate's services in times of my life when I needed some answers and guidance about the path I had chosen (or was considering). Her intuition and ability to discern what was going on and what was going to occur was remarkable.  She has an easy going, yet very professional approach.  Her readings were spot on and helped me tremendously in making some very serious decisions in my life.  Thank you Kate!"

~Kim A.

"My Human Design Reading with Kate has validated my deep sense of self and how I move through the world. It has also provided immediate and practical application, such as having language for aspects of myself and my purpose that I've previously struggled to describe. This reading also illustrated how we are woven together so beautifully to help us get our work done in our lifetime. It's important information that Kate make so fun to experience!"

- Sharon N.

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