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Time Line Therapy

I see you.

I feel you.

I know you are ready for something bigger and more impactful in your life.  

You have reached a tipping point and you are totally ready to make the changes you need in order to get where you want to be in life.

You are ready to step into your power.  Ready to fully release and eliminate the Negative Beliefs and Limiting Decisions that are blocking you from your goals, from manifesting the life that you know you are meant for.    

Are You Ready To...

  • Feel Powerful and in control of your life?

  • Eliminate unnecessary negative emotions that hold you back from effective communication and negotiations?

  • Become resilient to life's curveballs that it can throw you?

  • Reduce the unnecessary stress & anxiety in your life?

  • Increase your Physical and Mental Vitality?

  • Remove the blocks and habitual thinking patterns that are keeping you from manifesting the life of your dreams?

I invite you into the world of NeuroLinguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy® Coaching.


NeuroLinguistic Programming 

Neurolinguistic Programming (also referred to as NLP) is a powerful set of tools and techniques that help you shift from being at the mercy your thoughts, emotions, actions and behaviors, to being "at cause" and in charge of them which then gives access to new powerful results in your life. 

NLP teaches you how to access your unconscious programming so that you can “reset and rewire" your mind to create new positive thought and behavior patterns.

Time Line Therapy®

Time Line Therapy is a powerful mental and emotional release technique that helps you eliminate old negative emotions, and limiting beliefs from the past and put new empowering thoughts and beliefs in the future so that you can truly be in charge of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and therefore results in your life.

Time Line Therapy® allows the unconscious mind to release the energetic charge around the ROOT CAUSE of a negative emotion or limiting belief without having to relive or talk about the event or any trauma around the event.  

Holy Fire III Reiki

Holy Fire Reiki is a specific system of spiritually guided energy healing that promotes healing and relaxation.  This form of Reiki is often associated with a sense of purification, transformation, and spiritual growth. It is believed to work not only on physical and emotional levels but also on a deep spiritual level, promoting healing and balance in all aspects of a person's being.

Combining Reiki with NLP & Time Line Therapy offers YOU several benefits:

1. Holistic Healing: Reiki focuses on energy healing, while NLP deals with the mind and language patterns. Combining them can provide a more holistic approach, addressing both the physical and mental aspects of well-being.

2. Emotional Release: NLP techniques can help you identify and release negative thought patterns and emotions that may be blocking energy flow or contributing to physical ailments. Reiki can then facilitate the clearing and balancing of the energy system.

3. Personal Transformation: NLP is often used for personal development and self-improvement. By incorporating Reiki, you are able to amplify your transformational journey by removing energetic blocks and aligning your energy with your goals.

4. Stress Reduction: Reiki is known for its relaxation and stress reduction benefits. Combining it with NLP techniques enhances stress management by addressing both the physical and psychological components of stress.

5. Enhanced Self-Awareness: NLP promotes self-awareness and self-reflection. When combined with Reiki, you will experience a deeper connection with your inner self and a greater understanding of your energy and emotions.

6. Accelerated Healing: The synergy between Reiki and NLP can accelerates the healing process by addressing both the root causes of physical or emotional issues and the energy imbalances associated with them.

7. Goal Achievement: NLP is highly effective in setting and achieving goals. Reiki is used to energetically align you with your goals, and help you to overcome any internal resistance or self-sabotage.

8. Emotional Resilience: The combination of Reiki and NLP helps you to develop emotional resilience and coping skills, making it easier to navigate life's challenges.

9. Self-Care and Empowerment:  NLP techniques combined with Reiki empowers you to take control of your own well-being and practice self-care more effectively.

10. Customized Approach: The combination of Reiki and NLP allows me as the practitioner to custom create each session to your specific needs and goals. 

The NLP / Reiki Journey
A Breakthrough Coaching Intensive 

Six 90 minute sessions.

One session per week to allow for integration and time to complete homework.

Sessions are broken up into 60 minutes of NLP/Time Line Therapy and 30 minutes of Reiki + and guided visualizations to anchor in the work.

You will have homework that is relevant to accomplishing your desired outcome of the process.


Session One :: Intake and discovering Limiting Beliefs.  Eliciting Values & Setting Goals for the coaching container.​

Session Two :: Eliminating Negative Emotions through Time Line Therapy®.  This session will focus on releasing Anger, Sadness, and Fear.

Session Three :: Eliminating Negative Emotions through Time Line Therapy®.  This session will focus on releasing Hurt, Shame, and Guilt.

Session Four :: Eliminating Limiting Beliefs through Time Line Therapy®

Session Five ::  Eliminating Limiting Beliefs through Time Line Therapy® Continued.

Session Six :: Goal Reevaluation, NLP "clean-up", Placing new & refined goals into your future timeline using Time Line Therapy® 

Sessions can be done via Zoom or in person at my clinic in Herndon, Va.


This Coaching package includes unlimited support between sessions to support you on your journey to reaching your goals.  This support is done either via email or Voxer.

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