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Holy Fire Healing Experience
Removing Negative Energy

Are you ready to kick start your healing journey?

Are you ready to level up your healing?

Are you ready to remove negative energies that are affecting your physical and energetic body?


Then it’s time for The Holy Fire Healing Experience!


Join me on Wednesday, September 1 at 8pm for a Holy Fire Reiki Healing Circle Experience!

This Experience will be either the kick start you need for your healing journey or level up to the expanded energy healing your need right now.


You will receive Holy Fire III Reiki.

You will be taken thorough a Holy Fire Guided Meditation Experience where the Holy Fire energy will be working directly with you, providing a unique healing experience that contains exactly what is needed for your healing in the moment.

You will have time to journal about your experience and share.

I will offer any and all intuitive guidance to you that comes up during this process as it will enhance your healing journey.


Where:  Zoom

When:  Wednesday September 1, 8pm


What you need to attend:

Zoom on your computer

Spotify to play in the background :: I recommend Julie True’s Healing Presence

A comfortable place to sit / lie down without interference from work, phone, children, animals, etc.

Something comforting to drink :: Water or Tea

**Journal and pen**



Cost: $33


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