Let's do this.

Is there something on your mind?

Something you need to sort out?

A nagging question?

A decision you need to make?

Sometimes, we need a little help.  

It's ok to ask.

An Integrated Oracle Reading will offer you insights and tools on to how to make your own empowered decisions.  

It will reveal blindspots that you may have not considered.  

A fresh approach.  

An objective bird’s eye view.  

A clear guide in making choices and decisions in a way that feels authentically you.  


The Integrated Oracle reading is an integration of Tarot, Lenormand, and Human Design… with a splash of psychic insight.


I do NOT predict the future.  I empower you to make choices and actions that resonate with your authentic blueprint of Self and your desire to create your own reality.  


My approach is practical and grounded in giving you real life tools and strategies to use NOW.


Questions are best formatted in a way that is “what’ or “how”.  

Yes or No questions suggest that I may know the future, which I do not.


My readings are for people who are ready to take control of their life and situation.

Are you ready?

30 min $65

Integrated Oracle Reading

Want to go even DEEPER?

Living By Design

Living By Design readings are a deep dive into your Human Design Blueprint of YOU.  How you are uniquely designed to live your life so you can thrive at your fullest expression. 

Understand and embody your strengths.

Love, embrace, and work with the areas of your life that have more mutability.


Learn your Design Profile, Strategy, Energy Type, and Inner Authority

The Human Design system is a unique blend of Astrology, The I-Ching, The Kabbalah, and the Chakras.  

60 min Session $175

I love to see my clients and connect with them visually, so I prefer to work via Zoom.  If you are not comfortable with that, I am happy to simply speak with you on the phone.  Either way, your session can be recorded for you.