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Neurosurgeon Praises Bowen Therapy

It just warms my heart to see articles written by doctors praising the effectiveness of Bowen Therapy. This particular neurosurgeon was so impressed at the healing response from Bowen that her patient had, she became a Bowentherapist herself!

Her conclusion: "The vegetative state of the patient was constant for one year after the accident, despite the medical treatment (physical therapy, speech therapy). One year after beginning Bowen therapy, the patient looked and acted like a healthy person: he thought, spoke, ate, and walked all by himself. The fact the infection was not followed by meningitis, considering that the head plate was a foreign object for the body, can only be explained by the ‘inner doctor’ work – activated by the Bowen technique."

In addition to the patient's rapid healing response, another phenomena that was documented was the body's ability to regenerate bone. How is this possible with Bowen? Because two things have been measured and documented....

Bone regrows when exposed to a frequency of 7 Hz.

A Bowen move has been measured between 7-10 Hz.

Pretty cool, huh?​​​​​​​

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