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Week in Review 4/16/17

"You are each here to demonstrate the reality of the spiritual nature of man and of its possibilities and potentials released through an attuned consciousness and through action guided by intuition and love and wisdom." {The Magic of Findhorn}

It has been an absolutely delightful week. I am completely enchanted with this spring weather. Spending every possible moment outside, sleeping with the windows open and then waking up to the birds singing in my window.

I have rekindled my morning meditation practice. I get up around 6am, wash my face and then go into my office / meditation space. Light candles. Sit. Wait. Wait for the messages.... I keep my journal right next to me so I can right them down. I have conversations with Angels and Guides. I work on the new EnergyWork I am learning from my Akashic Records teacher and mentor. My dear sweet Cinderella curls up in my lap while I meditate.

Around 7am I start the coffee and sit and read for about a half hour before Thomas gets up. Right now I am loving this book... The Magic of Findhorn. This was a sweet gift from a sweet client.

On days that I am at the clinic, I zoom out of the house around 8:30 which gives me juuuuust enough time to squeak in before my 9am client.

On days that I work from home, I take some time to work on getting my garden ready. I completely dug it up on Monday and could barely walk on Tuesday. The sprouts are doing quite well and I can't wait to get them in the ground.

I found a delicious recipe you might enjoy for low carb bread. Well, because I don't do well with wheat and I am not going to pay $12 for a loaf of gluten free bread from the store. I turned out great and it was super easy to make. The Best Keto Bread Recipe.

Also, if you want really yummy coffee, I would recommend Bella Donavan from Blue Bottle Coffee

I hope you have had a fabulous week and are looking forward to next week as much as I am. Here is what I am up to.... More meditation and EnergyWork, Angel Message Oracle Sessions, Bowen Clients, finishing the Magic of Findhorn and looking for the next magical book to read. Also, it might be a good idea if I dusted off the inch of pollen that has settled on my furniture.

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