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Medicupping : what is it and how it's different than traditional cupping and acupuncture?

Last week I had the honor to work on Dr Marla Gebaide of Centreville Chiropractic Center as a client. After her session we sat down and did a Facebook Live video. A very amateur video, but still one that I am willing to share with you. The video cut off before I could show the cupping machine that I use, so that is what the second video is about.

In a nutshell...... Medicupping / Massage Cupping is a practice where I am able to regulate the amount of pull {or suction} on the cup AND move the cup around on the body. This allows for several things...

1. This keeps me within my scope of practice as a massage therapist because I am moving the cups around affecting the connective tissue and lymph. I am not trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine where they are using the cups to activate meridians and influence chi.

2. I am able to control and regulate the strength of the pull so as not to create excessive pain and discomfort for the client based on the conditions they present with.

3. I rarely, if ever leave the cupping "hickeys" that are notorious for having cups left on the client for long periods of time.

4. It is almost immediately effective in increasing range of motion and releasing trigger points.

5. Medicupping is very effective in the facilitation of lymphatic drainage.

Part 1

Part 2

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