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My Story: How it began.

I am taking part in an Instagram campaign called These Hands Create. This campaign is for Massage Therapists who want to share their story with the world, who believe in delivering amazing bodywork, who practice with integrity and want to shape the image of our industry, and who want to continue to grow in their craft.

If you are on Instagram, you can follow me at KateDeriso.

Or, you can read my first entry here!>>>>>>

This is me, circa 1978. My mom made all my Halloween costumes....and that is obviously her blush!

This is how my story bodywork and healing discovered me.... . I started getting migraines at the age of 6. Bad ones. The kind where you can’t see, vomit, and have to be in a black room for at least half a day.

When I would get them, I would plead for my mother or my amazing stepfather to rub my head and neck. It was the only thing that helped.

I also remember that my grandfather would get really bad headaches too and he would sit in his big green chair with an ice pack on his head...the blue one with the white circles.

I would rub his head and neck and he would always say how much better that made him feel. . Without knowing at the time that this was my calling, I did know the value and power of touch and my soul felt complete knowing that I helped ease someone’s pain. .

Please continue to follow as I tell my story over the next 10days with #thesehandscreate .

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