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My Story: Why

These Hands Create Day 2.

Why do I do what I do?

It is my deepest soul's calling. To do what I can to help people get out of pain.

Because when people are in pain, they are not themselves.

Being in pain for long periods of time changes people’s perception, personality, and behavior {ask any medical professional and they will also tell you that it changes your brain and chemistry.}

Pain not only affects the individual, but it has a huge impact on the people around them and the people who love them.

I have experienced this first hand, second and third hand. It hurts my soul to see people suffer.... if I can change that in any way, I will have fulfilled my purpose for this lifetime. .

Massage and Bodywork is how I do that. It’s my superpower... not because I am gifted in anyway, but because I have dedicated my life to my craft, learned from amazing teachers and I continue to learn and develop my skills so I can do this work that I love so.

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