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About 3 weeks ago I woke up to the wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee. I went to have a cup and my body said, "hell NO!". So I didn't force it. I didn't have coffee for three weeks until this morning when my body said "Gimme coffee NOW!". So I did. And boy, am I enjoying a hot cuppa right now as I right this.

This got me thinking about how we try to put so many restrictions on ourselves with food and lifestyles. I have been seeing a lot the past few days as I troll through Facebook and Instagram with promises promises promises of quitting sugar, going to the gym every day, stop swearing {a promise I would never make!}, etc... Can we please stop doing this?...because really, does it ever work?

I think I have tried every single diet on this planet. I could say that I failed at every single one of them. But the truth is, I just stopped trying to put myself in a box and I started paying attention to what my body is asking for. And it is asking for nourishment. If I want a steak, I eat a steak, if I want bread, I eat really good bread, if I want to eat fruit all day, I will do it...... As long as I am listening deeply to what my body is asking for on a deep level of nourishment.

So this New Year's Eve, the one thing I promise myself is to listen and care deeply for this house that my soul lives in. There is no failure, there is just riding the ebb and flow of life and transformation. I hope you will join me in this endeavor.

Now... back to coffee...... I thought I would crank up the nourishment factor of my coffee and I will share my recipe with you...


Nutpod unsweetened coconut and almond creamer

1 teaspoon on Bulletproof MCT oil

1/2 teaspoon Lion's Mane Mushroom ***reduces mild anxiety and depression, good for brain and memory.... look at more benefits here

1/2 teaspoon Astragalus **supports immune system and heart health

pinch of powered vanilla beans

Happy New Year!

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