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A Soul's Calling Confirmed

During this time of Covid isolation, my emotional self has experienced whiplash on more than several occasions. One minute we are told we can open only to have it changed two days later.

My Dad is a psychologist and I confess to have had several very long therapeutic conversations with him about all of this that I find extraordinarily helpful and grounding.

He shared a story with me yesterday about when he would lecture as stress seminars.

The number one cause of extreme stress, as reported by the participants in the seminars, was uncertainty.

The majority of us have extreme amount of uncertainty right now.

After a second jolting whiplash last week, I had a dream one night.

In my dream I was told that I could NEVER do bodywork again.... in my life.

No longer touch people, no longer do healing work, no longer help people get out of pain.

I literally woke up with full body grief and tear in my eyes. Not knowing if it were true or not.

It was awful. It took me hours to recover from that dream feeling.

The driving force in my life and my mission has always been to help people heal in one way or another. The best way I do that is through bodywork. Relieving people's physical pain translates into healing energetic and emotional pain.

I am committed to my mission and my calling.

I can't wait to get back to work and seeing my clients.

Let the healing begin. Let the healing continue.

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