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How is Usui/Holy Fire Reiki different?

There are many ways Usui/Holy Fire Reiki is different from Usui Reiki.

I will start with the "Attunement".

It used to be that when a student would take their first Reiki class they would be attuned to the Reiki energy by the Reiki Master who was teaching the class. The energy of the Reiki symbols would be channeled to them, they would learn them, and how to use the Reiki symbols on themselves and others.

This was the most difficult thing for me to wrap my head around when I took my first Reiki training in 2003. All I could think of was, "If this energy is divine in nature and all powerful, why is a human bestowed a 'special power' that only they can give it to me AND wouldn't it get muddled up with their energies too?" It just made me think of having to go through a priest in order to talk to God. Just didn't add up for me.

So, I ended up not using Reiki all that much.

Another thing that didn't work for me back then was the teaching that you, the Reiki Practitioner, is channeling the Reiki energy through you and to your client. Wait a minute.... isn't that the same thing as what they were doing with the attunements?!

I found that when I actually would give someone a Reiki session, I was totally wiped out by the end of it. I felt exhausted and depleted. Nope.... no thanks.

I stumbled upon Holy Fire Reiki in 2021. I happened to scroll by something on Facebook that caught my eye. HOLY FIRE WHAT?!?!...... I WANT THAT!

That's when I began my second Reiki journey with Holy Fire Reiki. IT CHANGED MY LIFE.

I went through all levels again as a new student with new eyes and awareness. Holy Fire Levels 1, 2, Master, & Karuna. It just so happened that I fell in love with Holy Fire Karuna Reiki so much I took it again in 2022. My plan is to take Levels 1, 2, and Masters again in 2024, so that will be my third time taking all levels.

So what is different now with Holy Fire Reiki regarding Attunements?

Attunements are now called Ignitions. Don't you just love that?!

The Reiki Master/Teacher sets up the environment, takes the student through a guided meditation, and calls in the Reiki energy and the Reiki energy is ignited in the student. THE REIKI ENERGY IS WHAT IS DOING THE "ATTUNEMENT"! YAY!.... That is how it should be in my opinion. There is no interference on behalf of the teacher's energy. It is pure divine universal love energy.

Next, during a Reiki session, the Reiki practitioner is there to set up the healing environment, and call in the Reiki energy, and using the Reiki energy as a guide to where to place their hands while the Reiki energy does the healing. What this does, is allow the Reiki practitioner to be "support staff" to the Reiki energy. The practitioner is not the channel, therefore the practitioner is actually energized by the Reiki session, not depleted.

Often times, as in my experience, intuitive, supportive, positive messages will come through in a session that are shared with the client in order to facilitate their continued healing after their session.

Have any more questions about Holy Fire Reiki?... Leave me a comment!

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