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Mindfully Unplugging... even for a little bit.

I try so hard to practice what I preach. I tell my clients to unplug from social media, spend time outside as much as possible, take time to do something they love, do something creative.

And yet, when ever I find myself with a day off, I spend it making myself slightly crazy trying to figure out what clever thing to post on social media, how to get more people interested in the beautiful practice of Reiki, and basically anything business building.

Today was a challenge and blessing. I got up at my usual 5:15am. Did my morning meditation and Self Reiki practice. During my meditation, I could feel the residual anxiety from the days prior....... WAY too much time on social media and watching the news cycle. I said to myself... that's quite enough. Over coffee, I said to my husband that I would like a break for a few days from having the news on in the house. He agreed without any protest.

When I returned from the gym at 8:30 this morning, I got a wonderful Spirit Smack of creativity and pulled out a crochet project that I wanted to finish and got to work. While I was joyfully making knots, I would feel a few waves of guilt wash over me.... Like I should be doing something! But wait... I AM doing something. It's just not the hustle that my nervous system is used to being in.

I am just a few rows away from finishing my crochet shawl. I am feeling quite relaxed and feeling a lot less of that background buzz of anxiety and the need to hustle.

Every time I ask Reiki Energy to show me the way, it always delivers. Even if it is a little challenging at first, when I listen and follow through, my life is so much better and I feel better too.

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