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My Covid Bath Soak

I had Covid at the beginning of January. Actually it was New Year's Day to be exact. A great way to ring in the New Year!

For a few days I had the typical body aches and the one thing that was instrumental in helping me relax about being sick AND help me get relief from the body aches was taking a bath. Some days three times a day!

Here is the formula I created for my bath soak...

Mix the following in a small glass bottle. Yes, it has to be glass. Give the bottle a loving an gentle swirl to combine the oils.

Rosemary Essential Oil :: 10-15 drops

Eucalyptus Essential Oil :: 20 drops

Pine Essential Oil :: 10 drops

Copaiba Essential Oil :: 20 drops

I prefer to use Simply Earth Essential oils.

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You will need a carrier oil. I prefer Jojoba Oil. {ps, Simply Earth has Jojoba oil too!}

Mix the essential oil into a few ounces of jojoba oil and then swish a couple of tablespoons of your mix into the hottest bath you can stand.

ADD to your bath at least 3 Cups of Epsom Salts.

Soak in your bath and make sure you get a good sweat on and drink a LOT of water {2 liters is recommended.}

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