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Possible Tinnitus Relief with Sound Healing

"Sound therapy is used to teach the brain to ignore the irritating ringing sensation of tinnitus."

At least 3 times a year I am asked by a client or someone who is interested in Bowen Therapy and Reiki, ask me, “Can you treat / help / get rid of tinnitus?”

The answer is, maybe.  It is possible that it might help reduce the symptoms / volume of the ringing.  


I am no expert in Tinnitus, I am just a Holistic Practitioner who wants to help people feel good, not be in pain, and to be a resource for healing. So, I did some research on tinnitus and the complimentary therapies I am trained in, and found some compelling information….

VIBRATIONAL SOUND THERAPY can actually help reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.  

There is also a tinnitus protocol that I came across using TUNING FORKS.  Specifically using 128 Hz tuning fork along the spine and the cranial bones. 

Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D. Ph.D., who put together the Tinnitus Protocol with Tuning Forks says, "usually there is a tightness in the muscles that travels up the anterior muscles of the spine into the temporalis muscle and TMJ. Relieving this tension is important and the basis of the protocol."

I have crafted my own protocol for tinnitus relief. This includes Vibrational Sound Therapy with singing bowls placed on the body, followed by Bowen Therapy to help release muscle tension, facial Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage of the face and neck to reduce any build up fluid in the head, then 128 Hz tuning fork on the cranial bones.

I have done this protocol with only one client so far. She has had four sessions. Her feedback is that it actually DOES HELP. She reports a reduction in the ringing of her ears, increased ability to concentrate, reduced stress, and better sleep.

I am aware this is all anecdotal and are the result from only one person. And I still think that matters enough to keep trying. Not everyone will have the same results with any modality, but if even one person feels better, it is worth it to me.


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