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Preparing to Open

I have been keeping an eye on what other Massage Therapists are doing in preparation for re-opening their businesses. They are doing a lot. I am not... and here's why...

I am fortunate enough to be a one therapist operation. This means that...

*All of my appointments are scheduled in advance... I don't take walk-ins, I never have.

*I have always allowed 30 minutes minimum between clients so I can change sheets and throughly clean and disinfect the therapy space. That isn't going to change because I already have the CDC/Health Department cleaning compliances in place.

*Because of the style of bodywork I do in my clinic, my clients leave their clothing on so I don't have to be as concerned with bodily fluids.

*I don't have a waiting area that can potentially be filled with people because my clients are appropriately spaced out.

THE BEST PART: Because I primarily utilize the Rossiter Method, combined with other styles of mat-based barefoot bodywork like Barefoot Shiatsu... I am using my feet {with socks on}.

I am 5'10", so I am not quite 6 feet away from my client... but pretty close.

My face is not 2 feet away from my clients at all... like you will find with most massage techniques.

Here is what I AM doing differently:

*There will no longer tea or water offered... clients will have to bring their own.

*Clients are encouraged to prepay for their sessions.

*I have throughly cleaned my office and eliminated a lot of clutter and horizontal surfaces.

*Clients must bring and wear their own face mask.

*My office hours will be every other day.

*I am waiving my 24 hour cancellation policy. If clients wake up the day of their appointment with symptoms, have symptoms the night before, or even the hour before their appointment, I ask that they email, call or text me and I will cancel their appointment immediately.

*I will be diffusing antiviral and antibacterial essential oils in the clinic in order to keep the air clean. If you have any questions about what I choose and why, I am happy to share as I am proudly a Certified Aromatherapist as well!

*I will avoid doing close up work on the face and neck as much as possible while we are in phase one of the re-opening.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone when they are ready to come back!

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