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Shoulder Release Before and After

Before and After... I know it might not look like a whole lot, but the feeling was significant for my client. . Check out the Right Shoulder. Notice how in the second photo, the shoulder is closer to the table. That is only 5 min of working on it. Maybe about an inch. But her overhead range of motion was more like 25-30 degrees improvement! . Physical :: pec major, pec minor, sub scapularis, triceps, lats, scalenes. Bowen and @srt_therapy Energetic :: Throat chakra balancing needed. Blue lace agate held in L hand during session. Throat chakra tuning fork 185.25 Hz at the throat and sternum. Next time, more than just 5 minutes on the shoulders! Just imagine what will happen with 30 min!!! I love my job.

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