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The Nervous System and Healing

You will hear me talk incessantly about how vital the role of the nervous system is in the healing process. And here I am do do it some more because there continues to be more research released about how relaxation and energy therapies are crucial in recovery and healing!

#1. The body cannot heal if it in a Sympathetic mode. This is when you are in a fight / flight / or freeze situation. In the bodywork /massage world, this happens when you flinch if the therapist is pressing too hard. This isn't optimal. It can damage tissue. And will prolong the healing process.

Enter Bowen Therapy, Reiki, and Sound Healing for the win!

#2. No Pain No Gain is a load of horseshit. If something hurts, it is your body / brain telling you something is wrong and to stop doing it!

Now… I do believe there is something to be said about developing mental toughness through doing something that you find challenging. That means that your brain is figuring out new skills and ways to become more resilient. BUT this does NOT include going bananas and injuring yourself physically.

#3. If you consistently do things in life on a regular basis to balance the stress and chaos, you will increase your Heart Rate Variability thus becoming more resilient and able to heal more effectively.

The Mayo Clinic along with other respected hospitals are talking about the importance of relaxation therapies and Reiki in helping with Post Covid recovery.

The Cleveland Clinic mentions how Reiki helps to strengthen the immune system…… don't we need this now more than ever?!

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