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Vibrational Sound Therapy & Bowen

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Truth be told—

When I decided to learn Vibrational Sound Healing, I had zero idea how powerful a healing tool it would be. On top of that, add it to a Bowen session?!…Serious shifts not only in the physical but the mental as well. I am loving all the science I am finding behind what may seem to be a rather “woo-woo” gimicky modality. What I am loving more?…. my clients are having much better results from their sessions. When I say better results, I mean: ~significant decreases in stress responses ~decrease in physical pain ~decrease in anxiety ~increases in overall happiness ~better sleep and decrease in insomnia ~reduction in frequency and intensity of migraines and headaches ~decrease in back pain I have been asked why / how do these Singing Bowls work? What is happening?

In a nutshell, one of the driving factors in why the singing bowls work, is that they create Brainwave Entrainment. Brainwave Entrainment is the practice of synchronizing brainwave frequencies with a repetitive stimulus. The bowls vibrate at low frequencies or Hertz {Hz} and each is associated with characteristics of specific brain activity. Brain Wave States BETA: {14-30Hz}Waking consciousness. Logical Thinking. Problem Solving. STRESS and the fight or flight response… Sympathetic Nervous System response. Greater levels of anxiety and restlessness.

ALPHA: {7-14 Hz} Deep Relaxation. Daydreaming. The mind is still aware but detached and relaxed. This state heightens imagination, memory, and learning. This is the most relaxed of the conscious states. It is thought that intuition is strengthened in this state especially as the brain functions approach 7.5 Hz.

THETA: {4-7.5 Hz} Deep meditation. Light sleep. REM sleep. Deep insight and creativity as well as a sense of spiritual connection. Deep Relaxation. Regeneration and Renewal. Pain mitigation and relief. It is very common to enter this state at least once or cycle through it several times during a session! I like to think that when I am using the Singing Bowls on my clients, I am having a deep conversation with their nervous system. Lovingly letting it know that it is safe to relax. Safe to let go. Safe to release the muscle tension, tightness, and injury. The Bowenwork then has the opportunity to be even more effective when the nervous system has down regulated into a safe zone.

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