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Vibrational Sound Therapy ~ What is it and Why it works?

Vibrational Sound Therapy or VST is a relaxation therapy technique that is done on a fully clothed client and requires little to no touch.

In a session, light metal Himalayan singing bowls are purposefully placed on and around the client’s body and activated by striking the bowl with a padded felt mallet.

The result is a soothing sound and subtle vibration that is relaxing to the client.

The bowls I use in my practice are hand hammered bowls that are made from copper and tin, made in Nepal. Because these bowls are hand hammered, they are multi-tonal and provide a deep and soothing sound and vibration.

Here is where I totally geek out on the anatomy and physiology of healing.

WELL, it just so happens that the 10th Cranial Nerve, the Vagus Nerve, has an auricular branch that goes straight to the ear. So, the deep gentle sounds of the singing bowl combined with the vibration allow the brain and body to down-regulate into the parasympathetic - rest, digest, and heal mode, really quickly.

One of the many desired effects of VST {either a stand alone session or combined with another modality like Bowen Therapy or Reiki} is brain wave entrainment.

In a VST session, we bring the brainwave state into the Alpha range... slowing the brain down. The Alpha wave state is associated with deep relaxation, heightened imagination, memory, and learning. It is the most relaxed brainwave of the conscious state. It is the optimal range for visualization and using the creative power of your brain. In this state, you are conscious of your surroundings but your body is in deep relaxation.

Now.... I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I am pretty certain that in a VST session, several of my clients have reached the Theta brain wave state. This is a result of the sound AND the vibrations of the bowls. The Theta state happens during deep meditation and light include REM sleep. Here, people report having deep insights, increased creativity, deep relaxation, and a sense of spiritual connection. The Theta brain wave state is associated with deep regeneration and renewal as well as pain mitigation and relief.

My clients have reported significant drops in anxiety after their sessions.

VST sound therapy alone or combined with Bowen Therapy or Holy Fire Reiki Therapy promises to be an extraordinary healing experience.


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