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Why Does Reiki & Energy Healing Work?

Last night I led a Full Moon Holy Fire Reiki Healing Circle.

{it was awesome}

At the end, someone asked why does Reiki work?


Reiki is Universal Healing Energy. Energy that is around us and IN us ALL THE TIME.

We can direct it toward healing, enhancing, and empowering.

As a collective, we are FINALLY moving toward a paradigm of understanding that we are more fundamentally energetic and informational beings vs the mechanistic Newtonian model of parts that need "fixing" through pharmaceutical intervention only.


So why does Reiki work? Because WE are ALL energetic beings that have the capacity to heal.


Don't get me wrong, I will be the first to go to a Doctor if I injure myself...... AND the inclusion of Energy / Vibrational healing modalities is an adjunctive and complimentary "medicine" only does EVERYTHING TO ACCELERATE THE HEALING PROCESS.

Maybe that is why they make Reiki a part of their Oncology program at the Cleveland Clinic.



"In the 1980's Dr John Zimmerman {University of Colorado School of Medicine} used SQUID magnetometers to measure the pulsing biomagnetic field coming from the hands of energy healers and recorded that they produced frequencies of pulsations that swept between 0.3 -30 Hz!

This is the same frequency that the brain operates at. "

{Tuning the Human Biofield}


Let's geek out on the science behind all the woo-woo!

They are finally catching up to us!

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