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Why I Choose Bowen for ME

I am frequently asked, "so who takes care of you?...who works on you?"

I confess that I am not always as consistent as I would like to be with receiving bodywork.

Sometimes, I default to something that is convenient to me geographically. Like the Thai massage place down the street from me.

But I confess, I don't love it. I always come away from those experiences feeling like I got beat up. I really don't like that at all.

And! the work never lasts. That is such a bummer to me.

One of the most memorable things I experienced which "sold" me on the power of Bowen was how Bowen continues to work for days after the initial session. In fact, the body typically feels best by the third day afterward.

I finally got Bowen for me last week Thursday from my friend and colleague Chris. I was in heaven! I haven't been this relaxed in months! And true to the claim of Bowen, by Sunday, I felt amazing. So good in fact that I went for a run. I haven't done that in a really long time.

So, here is my list of WHY BOWEN?

  1. Deep relaxation

  2. It continues to work for days after the session

  3. I don't feel like I just got the shit kicked out of me

  4. My thoughts are clearer

  5. Fewer aches and pains

  6. Better and deeper sleep

  7. It doesn't hurt

  8. I get to keep my clothes on

  9. Chronic pain and injuries seem to disappear very quickly

  10. It works on more than muscles. It works on the fascia, lymph, digestive, and nervous systems. AND it helps to balance out anxiety and depression.


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