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Here you will find products that I endorse because I have had personal experience with them and use them regularly.  I recommend products that will enhance your wellness journey.  All of the products listed here are NOT MLM companies.  I do receive a small commission when you purchase from these links.

Essential Oils

You may already know that I am a Certified Aromatherapist and have spent years using essential oils for personal use as well as on my clients that I see for Bodywork and pain relief.  Essential oils can also be used to improve your environment through diffusing as well as making simple household items to reduce toxicity in your home.  

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Simply Earth shares 13% of their profits with organizations who help end Human Trafficking 

These are the self care tools I cannot live without.  I use them daily and always take them with me when I travel.  They come in various sizes and density so you can get just the right spot, just the right way.

Alpha Ball

About the size of a softball.  Firm.  Perfect for getting into the Glutes, Piraformis, and Hamstrings.  I like to use this on Quadratus Lumborum which can also help with relieving low back pain.

Medium Therapy Ball in Tote

These are 2 1/2 in in diameter and perfect for working the muscles along your spine and up into your neck.  I also like to use these to release my calves which helps to keep my plantar fasciitis away.

Coregeous Ball

This ball is nice and soft meant to be used to help release the psoas.  This is a must have!

Yoga TuneUp Started Kit

Everything you need for your self care at home!

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