How to work with your Spirit Guides


Real World Transformation

Are you ready to take the mystery out of the mystical?

Do you feel a disconnect in your life and want to bring a deeper understand of how to work with your own Divine nature and tap into the wisdom of your Spirit Guides?

Are you ready to finally understand, accept, embrace, and MAGNIFY your psychic abilities?

Are you ready to bring more practical magic into your daily life?

Do you want to collapse time on your manifesting abilities?

Do you want to get to know your Spirit Guides and tap into the wisdom and guidance they have to offer you?


You, as Spiritual Being have chosen to be in this human form because your Soul wanted to experience what it is like to be human.  But we sometimes struggle with integrating our spiritual energies with our thoughts and our bodies to enhance our human experience and fully express our Divinity.


This course is designed to teach you how to integrate these elements of your experience....

Spirit/Soul, Body, Mind...

with the help of your Spirit Guides.

We just have to know how they uniquely speak us. 

I can show you. 

Join me!

Your team of Spirit Guides are with you and around you ALL THE TIME!  

They are a rich, abundant resource of support for us and we very often don't use or listen to their guidance.

I hope you will join me on this Deep Connection journey!


4 Classes via Zoom in addition to a  Private Facebook group so you can have access to support and answers to questions.  

1 Welcome Class to go over the details and the outline of the course.


$333 until April 28

$444 after April 28


Welcome Class May 2, 8pm

Class 1 May 6, 8pm

Class 2 May 8, 8pm

Class 3 May 13, 8pm

Class 4 May 16, 8pm

*please contact me if you would like to break the cost of the course into two payments