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Have you been told that you are too sensitive? 

Are you tired of giving your energy away to others?

Tired of feeling totally depleted at the end of the day with little left to give for your yourself?

Tired of feeling other's feeling so deeply that those feelings actually become your own to the point of them affecting you physically?

Do you want help feeling confident and empowered in setting clear, loving boundaries for your physical and mental well-being?


About 50% of the world's population are Empaths.  Empaths often feel overwhelmed by loud noises and large groups of people, responsible for other's feelings,  and feel other people's feelings deeply AND magnify those feeling often times out of proportion. 


If you identify as an Empath, I am inviting you to come and learn how to leverage this gift into the Superpower that it truly is.  

Here are the deets…

When ::  Mondays 10:30 am beginning July 19.

Where ::  Zoom

Cost ::  $444

Class days and times:

Monday, July 19 @ 10:30am

Monday, July 26 @ 10:30am

Monday, August 2 @ 10:30am

Monday, August 9 @ 10:30am

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