What is Integrated Bodywork?


Integrated Bodywork:

Relieves Pain so you don't have to suffer

Increases Mobility so you can move with ease

Enhances Performance for athletes and active adults that work hard to stay fit and injury free

Create Deep Relaxation in Body & Mind so you can handle the stress of daily life more effectively

Integrated Bodywork is Mat Based Therapy that is done with the client lying on a comfortable mat on the floor, using the therapist's hands and socked feet. The client remains clothed for their session.  

Integrated Bodywork is the unique fusion of myofascial release, ashiatsu, The Rossiter Technique, Neuromuscular and Fascial Release, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, assisted stretching, and  functional movement.


Clients should be prepared:

For deep bodywork with medium to strong pressure within their comfort zone.   

To feel deeply relaxed when they leave.

To feel better than when they walked in.

To have have their pain significantly reduced if not eliminated.

To be an active participant in the healing process.

Who I work with...

As a precise private practice, my focus and speciality is working with people who live with chronic pain and injuries.  I have over 20 years in the physical rehabilitation field as a former Occupational Therapy Assistant and Massage Therapist. 

My mission has always been to help people get out of pain so they can live a life they desire and do the things they love. 

I personally have lived with Chronic Migraines since I was 6 years old, so I have an intimate understanding how debilitating  chronic pain can be.  

Here is a list of the conditions I have been able to help:

  • Back and Hip Pain

  • Migraines and Headaches

  • Knee Pain

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tennis Elbow

  • TMJD and Neck Pain

Want to see if we are a good match to work together?

I would love to answer any questions you may have before you schedule an appointment.  

Please feel free to book a complimentary consultation.


Relief from Whiplash

Omg Kate, you’re like a black magic magician. Like Stevie Nicks would be if she was still cool today! I feel BETTER!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to sleep. I’ll bet it’s soundly. Thank you again you bad ass black magic woman. ~S.H

Low Back Pain and Tight Hamstrings

I’m always up for trying something new but I was unsure about the Rossiter technique offered by Kate.

After nearly 2 weeks of pain I had one session with Kate and I’m moving around with ease. Thank you, Kate!

Back Pain

Kate listens, and understands, what needs to be done to release tension from my body. She has help me release tension from my shoulders, upper back, and lower back. Kate knows her stuff and I am very happy to recommend her to everyone.


Hip Pain

After my most recent TFL flare up a few weeks back, I was seriously evaluating whether or not I would be able to continue to train in the ways I wanted. If I bent the wrong way, hinged incorrectly or simply sat too long in my car, incredible amounts of pain would shoot down my leg making something as easy as standing pretty painful. Two Rossiter visits, TWO VISITS, is all it took with Kate for that pain to subside. Now sitting in my car for hours at a time doesn't hurt, and I am back to hinging and squatting. Kate is exceptionally knowledgeable but what sets her apart is her care and compassion for her clients. I hope to remain injury-free but I know if I need help or relief, Kate will be there! She’s pure magic!

Severe Back Pain Relief

I came to Kate on the recommendation of a neighbor who has had severe back issues, after seeing my surgeon, having an MRI, being told surgery on my back was indicated, trying physical therapy to avoid that, and being in even more pain as a result of the PT. She helped relieve my chronic symptoms almost immediately, with rather extraordinary wisdom And kindness. She got me through an acute episode when the pain was so searing that I was in tears and literally crawling to her table —through both with her massage and tutoring me in achievable and subtle stretches that would help relieve the immediate hurt and stiffness as well as being proactive and strengthening for the future. Her methodologies are varied and integrative, specifically tailored to the person in front of her, whom She constantly checks on in terms of physical reaction, always looking for a benefit to her client. She Is reassuring and compassionate but also matter of fact and therapeutically efficient... a truly gifted healer...

~Laura E.

Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Severe Chronic Migraines

I suffer from Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, hemicrania continua, SI joint problems, and severe migraines.

I started seeing Kate in 2010 when I was early in my pregnancy. I was referred to her after numerous failed attempts with massages, acupuncture, and chiropractors. Kate was remarkable. I have yet to have a therapy session that helped as much as Kate's. I saw Kate through my entire pregnancy, and even went back to her for my second one in 2013. She has this amazing capacity to just listen and help. She was understanding, compassionate, and resourceful. A few times I’d mention some pain I was experiencing and you better believe, if not that same session then during the next one she’d have a procedure to help. The woman is relentless in her pursuit to help.


Kate truly has a healing hand and if that isn't enough, she's a great person. She made me feel at home, comfortable, and relaxed. Never once did I feel judged; Her goal was always to reduce the pains and make me feel better.


I owe much to Kate but most of all I owe her my eternal gratitude for making certain that both my high risk pregnancies were successful.


If you are suffering from any muscle, headache, or chronic pain problems -  go see Kate. Before trying anything/anyone else, see her!

~Jasmeen B.

Hi!  I'm Kate

{...and this is my very serious professional photograph taken 5 years ago...}

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist with a background in Orthopedic and Neurological Occupational Therapy.   Twenty-two years in the Occupational and Massage Therapy field in addition to working with multiple types of pain patterns and injuries has led me to an integration of bodywork that helps me get my clients out of pain as quickly as possible.  

Because it is important to me to be a well rounded and educated wellness professional, I have additional training and certifications in the following complimentary fields:

Human Design Coach, 2020

Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, Certified Aromatherapist, May 2014 

Certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Counseling, June 2005 

3rd Degree Reiki Master 2003

Certified Yoga Instructor 2000

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant 1998

I'm actually a pretty laid back hippy at heart.  I love science, spirituality, I meditate on a regular basis, I am anatomy geek, and I believe in fairies.  I love food, being outside, and swinging a kettlebell around at my favorite gym.  I have two cats and a fabulous husband.  You will most likely find me in the kitchen cooking, reading a book, doing yoga, or playing outside.

That's me at 6 years old being a clown for Halloween.

“The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both.”

Carl Sagan

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