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Relief from Whiplash

Omg Kate, you’re like a black magic magician. Like Stevie Nicks would be if she was still cool today! I feel BETTER!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to sleep. I’ll bet it’s soundly. Thank you again you bad ass black magic woman. ~S.H

Rossiter for Low Back Pain and Tight Hamstrings

I’m always up for trying something new but I was unsure about the Rossiter technique offered by Kate.

After nearly 2 weeks of pain I had one Rossiter session with Kate and I’m moving around with ease. Thank you, Kate!

Rossiter for Back Pain

Kate listens, and understands, what needs to be done to release tension from my body. She has help me release tension from my shoulders, upper back, and lower back. Kate knows her stuff and I am very happy to reccomend her to everyone.

Rossiter for Hip Pain

After my most recent TFL flare up a few weeks back, I was seriously evaluating whether or not I would be able to continue to train in the ways I wanted. If I bent the wrong way, hinged incorrectly or simply sat too long in my car, incredible amounts of pain would shoot down my leg making something as easy as standing pretty painful. Two Rossiter visits, TWO VISITS, is all it took with Kate for that pain to subside. Now sitting in my car for hours at a time doesn't hurt, and I am back to hinging and squatting. Kate is exceptionally knowledgeable but what sets her apart is her care and compassion for her clients. I hope to remain injury-free but I know if I need help or relief, Kate will be there! She’s pure magic!

Severe Back Pain Relief

I came to Kate on the recommendation of a neighbor who has had severe back issues, after seeing my surgeon, having an MRI, being told surgery on my back was indicated, trying physical therapy to avoid that, and being in even more pain as a result of the PT. She helped relieve my chronic symptoms almost immediately, with rather extraordinary wisdom And kindness. She got me through an acute episode when the pain was so searing that I was in tears and literally crawling to her table —through both with her massage and tutoring me in achievable and subtle stretches that would help relieve the immediate hurt and stiffness as well as being proactive and strengthening for the future. Her methodologies are varied and integrative, specifically tailored to the person in front of her, whom She constantly checks on in terms of physical reaction, always looking for a benefit to her client. She Is reassuring and compassionate but also matter of fact and therapeutically efficient... a truly gifted healer...

~Laura E.

Rossiter for Neuropathy and Swelling

Having had my first Rossiter Session at Integrated Healing Studio with Kate Deriso I would like to share my experience. 

The massage not only felt great but left me with much improvement in neuropathy which I have had in my left leg and feet for years. The positive effects began developing during the massage and continued for several days.  A week after the session, my left foot which has been swollen for years has no swelling and the neuropathy in my left leg is less. I look forward to my next Rossiter Session to continue this extraordinary improvement.

Thanks Kate – I give barefoot massage 5 stars 

~Linda B.

Relief from too much computer work
I cannot say enough about Kate Deriso. I have had Bowen Therapy, bodywork, medi-cupping and facial medi-cupping with Kate. She really listens to determine the root cause of your pain. Then uses her extensive knowledge about how the body moves, and her mastery of multiple modalities to determine the treatment that would work best.
She is genuine and truly wants to help you feel better – and she doesn’t disappoint!  I went in with left elbow pain that was relieved 100% with one visit. I have had residual shoulder pain from a rotator cuff injury for 18 months. After a few visits, the pain has resolved 80%. Let me just say, Kate Deriso is amazing.  ~S.T

Relaxation and Decreased Muscle Tightness...

As a loyal and happy client of Kate’s I can attest that she’s an absolute miracle worker!! She can work and get to tight muscle areas

and give me an immediate release!!! Thank you thank you Kate!!  ~ C.T.

I have been a dancer/teacher for 15 plus years and suffered from lower back pain, strained hamstrings, and constant headaches. I have never heard of Bowen's work. After Kate's session, I felt relief and slept perfectly. I was amazed by this technique. More so, Kate has a glowing energy that adds to the therapy. She's caring and very thorough. I recommend Kate to anyone!  ~ Anonymous

General Health and Wellness

Kate rocks! Seriously, make her services a part of your regular weekly or monthly health routine. Amazingly knowledgeable and very dedicated to her craft. She’s a health warrior!


Pregnancy & Neck Pain...

Whether it's minor aches and pains, more serious injuries or something less tangible like stress, depression, anxiety, etc... I highly encourage you to book a visit with my friend Kate.

I see Kate regularly for my pregnancy aches and pains... but I've also seen her to help heal a debilitating and incredibly painful pinched nerve in my neck brought on by chiropractic work. Kate has healed me time and time again. This isn't a random shout out for a friend. I take healing therapies VERY seriously and am VERY cautious when trying new people. Kate is legit and has helped me in so many ways I've stopped counting. Please, especially if you're pregnant or postpartum and uncomfortable or in downright pain. Go see her!! It will change your life!!!


Kate, you keep me sane. Not sure what I would do right now without you!!  ~ Emily Stout