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How often should you get a massage?

I get asked this question frequently. I usually answer this question with more questions....

Do you have an injury or chronic pain?

What are your health goals?

What is your activity level?

Is there an injury or any chronic pain issues?

What is your stress level?

All of these play a role in the frequency you should get massage or bodywork.

First off, let me clarify the difference between Massage and Bodywork...

Massage uses gliding, stroking, or kneeding of the muscle tissue using oil or lotion with the purpose to treat body stress. Massage is used for relaxation and general wellbeing.

Bodywork is done by a therapist who is not only trained in Massage, but additional modalities that target specific issues in a more therapeutic way. Typically, you will find therapists who do bodywork have been in the field for 10 years or more and focus their work on addressing pain specific conditions and injuries, flexibility, posture, and overall health and vitality.

So, if you are interested in a massage / spa like experience that is gentle and relaxing, I would seek out Swedish Massage. You will find this at a spa most likely.

If you want something deeper, issue specific for injury recovery, or to address a chronic pain pattern, Bodywork may be what you are looking for.


If you have an injury or chronic issue, my recommendation is once a week.

If you are really active and exercise regularly, every 10 days to 2 weeks.

If you are pretty sedentary, every 7 to 10 days.


I thought I would share what works for me.

I confess that sometimes I am not as consistent with getting bodywork as I would like to be.

I find that I will go for several weeks without getting bodywork and I suffer for it. I will then get worked on for 3 weeks in a row with 7 days between appointments. Then I will taper off to every two weeks after I get all the kinks worked out.

What works best for me at 49 years old with a very physical job in addition to a very active life, every two weeks is my sweet spot for getting worked on.

I hope this helps you in making the decision of what works best for you!

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