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Why are you studying that?

I had a great conversation with my husband this morning. I had been up for a while and I was working on my astrology apprenticeship homework. He came into the living room and started asking some really good questions. Why are you studying that? What are you learning? Isn’t astrology just generalizations? How are you using it?

Really great questions. I was happy to have the opportunity to respond.

Why? I am studying astrology because I am fascinated by of all the layers of behaviors, personalities, and proclivities there are to know about someone.

What? I am learning how to read natal charts and transits so people can make informed, wise decision. Because, well…free will. But there are still energies and other people that we have to work with, speak with, negotiate with. The more I know about my self and another person, the better I can communicate with them.

It is science + spirituality + magic + wonder + psychology {and I am sure a few more things} all wrapped up into one.

He had given me permission to read his chart a few days ago. I showed him some things. Like….this is one of the reasons why you do... This is why you learn best doing… This is why you communicate this way… I almost had to pick his jaw off the floor.

Generalizations? Yes, but only if you look at one part. There are a ton of layers to this. The more you look, the more you start to see the specifics.

How am I using it? To understand myself better, to be a better healer, partner, friend… to make good decisions both personal and business… and To help others do the same.

More things were talked about. He really listened with no judgement or criticism. He said, “Wow… that is really cool!”

I love that Libra Scorpio Rising Man of Mine!

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