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Healing Religious Trauma with Holy Fire Reiki

One of the claims of Holy Fire Reiki is that it helps to heal religious trauma and reveal the authentic self.  

 I remember thinking at the beginning of my Reiki journey, “well, that’s a bunch of horse shit!  I am and always be a recovering catholic with shades of bitterness and anger.”

I also thought that statement is quite a bold marketing campaign.  

Well, fast forward to three years later…. I have to admit that it was true for me.  The one least likely to believe it.  

Reiki offers the potential for transformation and healing…. As a modality and practice.  The only way to know if it actually does work is if YOU do the work and the practice.  

The more Reiki I did on myself, the more insights I would have as to my soul’s purpose and direction in life.  Things began to change for me.  

Two of the most significant things is that Angels started showing up and speaking to me and out of nowhere, I began to say the rosary again.  I remember at one time during a meditation, I actually said out loud, “what the fuck is going on here?!?!”

I heard a voice within that said, “just roll with it, we are here for you and your great purpose… what have you  got to lose?”

So I did.  I rolled with it.  I gained so much and continue to gain more peace, clarity, comfort, strength, laughter, and fun every day.  

Saying the rosary took on an entirely different meaning to me.  My meditations actually became more simple and insightful.  I have taken action on things that had procrastinated on out of fear.  I have taken leaps forward in how I have crafted a live that I am totally in love with.  

I work with Angels a LOT in my personal life as well as my Reiki sessions.  Once you invite them in, they are so excited to help and guide you.  All you have to do is ask and trust.  

This is how we grow, heal, and become more authentic.  

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