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{personal} Migraine

I have suffered from Migraine with Auras since I was 6 years old. I am now 47 and I still struggle to get a handle on them. But I continue to get better.

When I am good with lifestyle and food, I can go months without one and life is bliss and I am high functioning. But when a holiday rolls around and I have been feeling good for so long, I throw caution to the wind and say what the fuck, this cheese, these mashed potatoes, this stuffing, this pie won't hurt me! Yeah, right.

I have been on a version of the AutoImmune Paleo Diet for a few months now and doing very well. Not only have my migraines disappeared during this time, but all of my other weird symptoms have disappeared. I would categorize these symptoms as part of the Epstein Barr that I have as well.....

Extreme pain in my left ear only with occasional hearing loss.

Crazy itchy scalp.

Brain Fog

Weird appendix-like pain

Chronic Daily Migraines

Painful mouth sores

What I am most bothered by right now, as I wait for the migraine that I currently have to go away, is that I thought I could "get away It"... get away with going off my way of eating that has been working so well for me. That I though that "just a little bit won't hurt me".

I am also still amazed that I still don't make connection with the more subtle symptoms, like.....

only a little bit of pain in my left ear

unexplained irritability and just feeling "strange"

not interested in engaging in conversation

excessive fatigue

So now, it is a recommitment back to AIP and getting this under control once again. At least I know what to do and what works. For that I am grateful. As well as this lovely fire I am sitting in front of.

Thanks for listening.

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