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My Evolution into Barefoot Massage

I actually went back to see the timestamp for when the conversation started. It was July 5, 2018 that this amazingly kind and generous woman reached out to me because I had commented on social media about how painful my elbow had become. She shared her journey of pain as a result of overworking herself doing massage too. It was as if she was telling me my own exact story.

It took me several bottles of ibuprofen, a cortisone shot, painful nights waking up with both of my hands completely numb, and 13 months to get to her so she could teach me. This amazing woman and powerful healer, Theresa Young of Sacred Sole Barefoot Massage, has now become my teacher and mentor for a new and improved way of doing deep, profound, and therapeutic massage and bodywork.

The bodywork that I am now doing is Barefoot Massage. I never thought I would be saying this, but it has changed my life as a therapist, and as a massage client receiving this work.

I have appropriately called my barefoot massage technique MELT. Because that is exactly what happens to you when you are receiving this work. This is DEEP work that not only MELTs your muscles and reduces pain dramatically, it MELTs all the stress and tension in your nervous system.

{if you are a curious science-y person like me and want to know HOW, please stay tuned to another blog post where I will explain}

So, to clarify.... I use my feet to massage you. The pressure is deep, the movements are calm, the results are extraordinary.

MELT :: Therapeutic Barefoot Massage is an intuitive blend of Shiatsu, Ashiatsu, Fijian Barefoot Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Active Soft Tissue Isolations, which is a new approach on pin and stretch that incorporates active isolations for the ultimate soft tissue release experience.

If you like:

deep pressure that doesn't hurt

to get rid of pain in your physical body

to increase your flexibility

to feel calm, serene, and de-stressed


you will love this work!


My feet are the softest and cleanest feet in Northern Virginia... and perhaps the entire east coast.

Here is a short clip of me doing MELT!

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