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My Favorite Things #2 Toe Spacers

Toe spacers are awesome! It feels so freeing to have space between your toes and free them up from the confines of tight shoes.

My favorite benefit is that while creating space between your toes is that they help with improving your balance. That alone is good enough for me as I get older and want to continue working on fall prevention as I age.

Toe spacer also help to relieve plantar fasciitis, bunions, crooked toes, and improve overall foot mobility.

Price point... up to $65 depending on the source.

BUT, if you are a client of mine, I give them to you for free...I think they are that important.

These are my feet and toe spacers. I leave them on for about 15 minutes every day or so.

$14 Toe Spacers HERE

$65 Toe Spacers HERE

$0 Toe Spacers if you are a client of mine.

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